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Green Island Diving AdventuresGreen Island Diving and Snorkelling Adventures

Approved PADI Diving instruction

Diving coupleNo experience is necessary to take a fully supervised introductory dive and explore the reef and its amazing marine life. Certified divers can enjoy spectacular dives at our specially selected sites. Age and medical restrictions may apply to diving.

We look forward to diving with you!

Green Island Dive Tour Prices

Introductory Dive:

Introductory dive, Green Island

Silver SeriesCertified diving only:

1 Dive - Green Island

Wetsuit, lycra suit and optical mask also available.

Advice for Water Activities

The minimum age for Scuba Diving and Seawalker is 12 years. Certain medical conditions, medications and height restrictions may preclude some people from participating in optional in-water activities. For advice, contact our office. After a single dive a wait of 12 hours is recommended before ascending to an altitude of 300 metres or greater. If doing multiple dives an interval of 24 hours is suggested.

Scuba Diving GroupSnorkelling can be a strenuous activity. Please use caution and inform our crew of any medical conditions.

General Conditions

All schedules, activities and prices may be varied without notice. Listed fares
in Australian dollars include Goods and Services Tax. Prices valid to 31 March 2020.